A Guitarist’s Guide to Reading Music Vol. 1


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A Guitarist’s Guide to Reading Music uniquely approaches the subject of reading standard music. Using a string-by-string approach, the first volume focuses on the highest three (i.e., treble) strings.

Helping reinforce concepts are compositional assignments. Subjects covered include:

  • Five most common note and rest values (i.e., whole, half, quarter, eighth, and sixteenth notes)
  • Simple time signatures (i.e., meters)
  • Natural, sharped, and flatted notes (i.e., accidentals).
  • Key signatures
  • Doubled notes (i.e., harmonies)
  • Three-note chords
  • Horizontal (i.e., single-string) and vertical (i.e., positional) reading

Suited for fingerstyle (e.g., classical) and flatpicking players. All playing levels. (133 pages)


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